Saturday, January 2, 2010

Garlic Benefits for People With Diabetes

Did you know benefit of garlic? Garlic often we eat. Do you know the point? Garlic is a medicinal plant which so many benefits. Plants with the Latin name "Allium sativum" This includes herbs that we often use. Many recipes that use garlic.

Garlic gives fragrant aroma and distinctive taste of each dish, as well as reduce levels of cholesterol contained in foods that contain fat. Therefore you do not be surprised if Chinese food, Korean, Japanese often used the onion as main ingredient. Because they know the benefits of garlic.

Experts have shown that garlic can lower cholesterol in the blood. Its use can be applied to the following diseases.


Garlic is a diabetes drug, we can consume garlic every day. Morning, afternoon and night of each two or three cloves or grain to eat. In addition to direct edible garlic can be eaten with a way to use soy sauce can be made with sliced with onion and chilies to a friend eat rice. There are many ways to consume garlic

Especially for people with diabetes, should check the laboratory is recommended before using this recipe. It aims to see the results later. and after eating should be screened again in the laboratory.

If the laboratory results and obtain satisfactory results you should continue to consume garlic every day with a certain dose.


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