Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Omega-3 Can Reduce Risk of Diabetes-Type 1 In Children

Diabetes can occur in children? Able, the children can also be affected by diabetes. How do I mencegahya. Children who are at high risk to type 1 diabetes can reduce their risk if they consume omega-3 on a regular basis. It has been proven and very good for children.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 is a disease characterized by autoimum damage beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. Although not yet known what caused the autoimmune process, believed that genetic factors are influential.

Indeed vulnerable children with this disease, because the child can not understand how to overcome them. It's hard to eat, is the main factor causing difficulties to overcome.

So as parents we should be able to make kids stay, eat nutritious foods so that the child woke her body condition. Here the role of parents and doctors are needed experts. And do not forget to give omega-3 in accordance with physician orders.

Gestational Diabetes to Type 2 Diabetes

There are 3 types of diabetes. The first Diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, and Gestational diabetes. Did you know Gestational diabetes? Let us discuss. This type of disease occurs in women who are pregnant. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. And most women who experienced progression to type 2 diabetes. This must be addressed.

Now to reduce the risk of a diabetes type 2 then the woman who was pregnant and had gestational diabetes is recommended to be done in lifestyle adjustments. This can be done in various ways, we can do is to eat nutritious foods, regular exercise, and regular breaks.

Here are some tips to overcome them completely, namely:

* Control your weight. Risk of type 2 diabetes increases if you weigh 20% more than the ideal number.
* Stay follow low-fat diet and get used to eat in small portions.
* Consumption of vegetables and more fresh fruit.
* Keep a regular exercise program to help the body burn more glucose without extra insulin.

After it is still consulting with doctors in order to quickly overcome.

Chromium Diabetes and Prevent Disease Disablities

Did you ever hear about chromium pills. Chromium pill can act as weight loss, overcoming diabetes and high cholesterol. Now we discuss what is chromium? Chromium is a mineral that can be found in foods and that often we meet. For example broccoli, whole grains, grape juice, beer, nuts, and eggs. Besides the food, chromium now also available in supplement form. So there it is difficult to obtain.

After knowing what it was chromium, now what the benefits to our bodies? In the body, chromium helps the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and can help regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and those high-risk diabetes. This also can help you lose weight, especially body fat.

Chromium supplement works to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and regulate insulin levels in people with metabolic syndrome, early symptoms of diabetes.
Early symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, lots of eating, and often thirsty.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Routine Sports Good For Diabetes Disease

Is a favorite sport some people. They do it every day. The goal is to get a good badab form and maintain healthy body condition. In addition to watching your diet daily, the patient should do physical exercise. In principle, sports for people with diabetes is no different than healthy people. Sport is primarily to burn calories the body, so blood glucose can be used for energy, thus sugar levels go down. But it must be done regularly.

According to doctors, should be kind of sport for people with diabetes who have chosen high aerobic value, like brisk walking, running (jogging), aerobics, swimming, and biking. Other sports, tennis, table tennis and even football, anything can be done from the extra attention and be careful.

Sports for people with diabetes in principle the same as healthy people. The frequency of exercise for people with diabetes is 3 - 5 times a week.
It was already well done to the body burns calories to be healthy.

Therefore, for people with diabetes are encouraged to exercise every day to keep body healthy and eating nutritious foods as well.

Importance of Diet for Diabetes Patients

We know that people with diabetes should always consider the diet. Regardless of what we eat should be balanced with what the body needs. People with diabetes usually have a trend of change in blood sugar levels that drastic. After we eat, blood sugar levels will be high and while not getting food intake, the blood sugar levels will be low. Therefore, we must consider eating schedule. Have regular eating schedule to keep blood sugar levels.

Schedule dinner with diabetes must control. Here are feeding is good for diabetics.

1. Schedule

for a term diabetes and eat a big meal break. Setting a schedule for people with diabetes usually are eating 6 times. 3 large meals 3 times a distraction. The time schedule is as follows;

a. Breakfast (07.00)

b. Snack I (10:00 hrs)

c. Lunch (13:00)

d. Snack II (16:00 hrs)

e. Dinner (19:00 hrs)

f. Snack III (21:00 hrs)

Once we know the exact schedule of eating, try eating on time, because if we are late for dinner, will be hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and fainting. If this happens the sugar water to drink immediately. and do not forget diet aja not enough to cope with diabetes.

Diabetes and Fasting

Did you know about diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder of glucose use that occurs in the body. Diabetes does not happen just like that. This disease is very dangerous if not addressed.

For Muslims fasting is obligatory. But what if you are suffering from diabetes.
For diabetics, the concern now is the fasting blood sugar falls below normal (hypoglycemia), blood sugar rises above normal (hyperglycemia) and the complications that arise can be harmful,

In low risk patients with diabetes, patients with diabetes can usually be controlled with diet, this group usually allowed to do fast.
In moderate risk patients with diabetes, these patients lived alone and uses insulin and also have medical conditions that affected, to heavy physical work, using a single dose of insulin, oral medication or a combination of advanced age. This group can do fast, but must get control of the doctors and diligent consultation. So that does not happen something that is not dangerous.
High-risk patients with diabetes, have type 1 diabetes, using a high dose of insulin or divided doses, experienced severe pain. This group should not be done fast, if it wants to fast must have strict control of the doctor.

With control of the physician a diabetic patient's risk anything can do well fast. but if you are diabetic very dangerous experience not recommended for fast, and if everything is healthy then setbil and can only fast.

Vegetables And Fruits For Diabetes Patients

Having a beautiful body shape is in dream for every woman. Many ways they are doing to get the body shape, although with a very expensive cost. One that they do is diet. Without realizing it in their diets benefit. Especially for women who have diabetes. Women who want to avoid type two diabetes should fill their plates with green vegetables and all kinds of fruit. It can be done every day.

With our increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables such as spinach every day, will reduce the risk of developing diabetes

By consuming each day, increased consumption of fruit three times a day associated with a reduced risk of diabetes type two reached 18 percent. If you multiply the consumption of green vegetables, it will reduce the risk of diabetes by 9 percent. That is the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Besides vegetables and fruits that regular exercise is necessary for healthy body we can avoid the disease. And do not forget to consult with your doctor so that diabetes can be overcome

Coffee Terhindar From Disease Diabetes

Drinking coffee is something that we often do. Drinking coffee is very good we enjoy in the morning after waking up. Coffee fans turned out to have a lower risk of disease type 2 diabetes compared with never drank,

For people with type 2 diabetes usually begins to feel the complaint at the age of 40 years and more so when the body does not produce the insulin the body needs precisely. Usually two types of diabetes is treated with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. The drugs and sometimes insulin injections are also needed to address complaints diabetics.

The researchers believe the discovery of coffee contains active substance to counteract diabetes, especially if further studies confirm this, so the doctor can advise patients to consume decaffeinated coffee to cure diabetes in addition to that doctors should recommend that people with diabetes to keep food food bergisi and regular exercise to maintain body condition to stay healthy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cholesterol Trigger Diabetes

Did you know about cholesterol? Cholesterol also affects diabetes. Let's talk about cholesterol and diabetes. Cholesterol is a substance which is in the foods we eat can improve blood cholesterol levels. However, when balanced with what the body needs it does not matter. and if not balanced will cause diabetes. Did you know about diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus, or Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels exceed normal limits. Uncontrolled diabetes with high glucose levels tend to increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.
So that people with Diabetes Mellitus on the main death caused by disease kardioserebrovaskular. This is caused by Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that is considered equal to people affected by coronary heart disease.

Therefore we must be able to control the cholesterol in our blood so balanced with what is needed by our bodies. Besides regular exercise can reduce cholesterol in our bodies as our bodies had surpluses. And do not forget to consult with your doctor about your cholesterol.

Herbal Benefits For People with Diabetes

Diabetes can be cured by natural medicine. Fruits and vegetables can prevent diabetes. Natural treatment is an alternative option the most desirable communities today, especially in the field of medicine.

Fruits and vegetables, many of consumption by diabetics. Medicinal plants or more commonly known as the herbs have actually long been used by the public in this world. But the development of medicine with modern equipment, the herb is used only as an alternative option only. We know it's been a lot of evidence and efficacy of herbal efficacy. Besides the less expensive, herbal medicine also has side effects that very ketch once. So we do not have to worry about taking herbs as a cure for diabetes. For that let us discuss about the kinds of herbal plants.

1. Noni fruit
NONI fruit mostly found in several countries in the world. However, people in remote places are still using this fruit as a medicine to cure various diseases including diabetes drugs. So consume Noni fruit to cure diabetes.

2. Fruit Pare
Did you know pare fruit. Surely you've seen pare fruit. Pare the fruit's many kinds. Many people cultivate this pare fruit. Pare who cultivated grouped into three types, namely:

* Pare white (lard or pare pare Bodas)
Pare large fruit white, elliptical, white color, with the fruit skin surface-berbintil large nodule.
* Pare green (or pare pare gengge frog)
Pare smaller green, oval shape, and surface skin-nodule berbintil smooth.
* Pare snake (pare eel)

From what we've discussed above is expected you can try to consume fruits and vegetables to cope with diabetes.

Garlic Benefits for People With Diabetes

Did you know benefit of garlic? Garlic often we eat. Do you know the point? Garlic is a medicinal plant which so many benefits. Plants with the Latin name "Allium sativum" This includes herbs that we often use. Many recipes that use garlic.

Garlic gives fragrant aroma and distinctive taste of each dish, as well as reduce levels of cholesterol contained in foods that contain fat. Therefore you do not be surprised if Chinese food, Korean, Japanese often used the onion as main ingredient. Because they know the benefits of garlic.

Experts have shown that garlic can lower cholesterol in the blood. Its use can be applied to the following diseases.


Garlic is a diabetes drug, we can consume garlic every day. Morning, afternoon and night of each two or three cloves or grain to eat. In addition to direct edible garlic can be eaten with a way to use soy sauce can be made with sliced with onion and chilies to a friend eat rice. There are many ways to consume garlic

Especially for people with diabetes, should check the laboratory is recommended before using this recipe. It aims to see the results later. and after eating should be screened again in the laboratory.

If the laboratory results and obtain satisfactory results you should continue to consume garlic every day with a certain dose.