Sunday, November 1, 2009

Young Age Diabetes Alert

Diabetes is a dangerous disease if not treated. We must know the symptoms of disease caused by diabetes. Now when we felt the disease diabetes? In a survey of adolescents found susceptible to diabetes. However, for these adolescents with diabetes term Juvenile diabetes is diabetes. Like where the initial symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes, the symptoms are often a lot of us eat, drink lots and lots of pee.

In addition to diabetes also causes people sleepy. With sleepy people will reduce its activity. activities like sleeping or sleeping. But the young man who liked to sleep or she does not always have diabetes because they can get other diseases is a disease that is less blood, or anemia.

But not all of which have characteristics such as the above are always having diabetes. But we need to take from the above discourse we should be cautious with diabetes. If we have things like the above would not hurt our expert medical advice. So we know what steps we should.


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