Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Several Factors Diabetes Disease Causes

Do you know the factors that cause diabetes. Factors that cause diabetes lot. What factors that increase the risk for diabetes or "causative factor of diabetes" Let us discuss one by one the factors that cause diabetes.

1. Genetic disorders
Disease Diabetes can be decreased according to the family tree with diabetes or hereditary, because the gene defects that cause the body can not produce insulin properly. We know that the hormone insulin is needed by our bodies.

2. Age
Diabetes can occur when a person enters the age of vulnerable or old age, especially after the age of 45 years and especially in those overweight, so her body is not sensitive to insulin.

3. Wrong diet
We know Poor nutrition or overweight, both increase the risk of diabetic. Poor nutrition (malnutrition) can damage the pancreas, whereas obesity (excess fat) resulted in disruption of insulin work (retention of insulin).

4. Stress
Setres can also cause a person so affected diabetes.oleh someone once seteres diabetes-prone

History Of Diabetes Disease Millitus

Did you know what the intent of diabetes? In the year 200 BC said: Diabetes, means "flowing continue", and Mellitus means "sweet". Diabetes is called, because it always used to drink in large quantities (polydipsia), which then "flows" continue to form urine (urine); called Mellitus because this patient's urine contained sugar (sweet). Therefore called diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or diabetes caused by insulin deficiency, whereas the function of the hormone insulin has a major role for a very important to regulate blood glucose (= sugar) in your blood.

Since in the hormone insulin in 1921, mortality and miscarriage mothers who become pregnant diabetics diminish. Finally, in the year 1954 Franke and Fuchs tried OAD tablets (anti-diabetes drug) in humans, which eventually finding OAD is growing rapidly with a variety of types and indications of use. From the above information we should know about diabetes