Sunday, January 3, 2010

Diabetes and Fasting

Did you know about diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder of glucose use that occurs in the body. Diabetes does not happen just like that. This disease is very dangerous if not addressed.

For Muslims fasting is obligatory. But what if you are suffering from diabetes.
For diabetics, the concern now is the fasting blood sugar falls below normal (hypoglycemia), blood sugar rises above normal (hyperglycemia) and the complications that arise can be harmful,

In low risk patients with diabetes, patients with diabetes can usually be controlled with diet, this group usually allowed to do fast.
In moderate risk patients with diabetes, these patients lived alone and uses insulin and also have medical conditions that affected, to heavy physical work, using a single dose of insulin, oral medication or a combination of advanced age. This group can do fast, but must get control of the doctors and diligent consultation. So that does not happen something that is not dangerous.
High-risk patients with diabetes, have type 1 diabetes, using a high dose of insulin or divided doses, experienced severe pain. This group should not be done fast, if it wants to fast must have strict control of the doctor.

With control of the physician a diabetic patient's risk anything can do well fast. but if you are diabetic very dangerous experience not recommended for fast, and if everything is healthy then setbil and can only fast.


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