Sunday, January 3, 2010

Routine Sports Good For Diabetes Disease

Is a favorite sport some people. They do it every day. The goal is to get a good badab form and maintain healthy body condition. In addition to watching your diet daily, the patient should do physical exercise. In principle, sports for people with diabetes is no different than healthy people. Sport is primarily to burn calories the body, so blood glucose can be used for energy, thus sugar levels go down. But it must be done regularly.

According to doctors, should be kind of sport for people with diabetes who have chosen high aerobic value, like brisk walking, running (jogging), aerobics, swimming, and biking. Other sports, tennis, table tennis and even football, anything can be done from the extra attention and be careful.

Sports for people with diabetes in principle the same as healthy people. The frequency of exercise for people with diabetes is 3 - 5 times a week.
It was already well done to the body burns calories to be healthy.

Therefore, for people with diabetes are encouraged to exercise every day to keep body healthy and eating nutritious foods as well.


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