Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vegetables And Fruits For Diabetes Patients

Having a beautiful body shape is in dream for every woman. Many ways they are doing to get the body shape, although with a very expensive cost. One that they do is diet. Without realizing it in their diets benefit. Especially for women who have diabetes. Women who want to avoid type two diabetes should fill their plates with green vegetables and all kinds of fruit. It can be done every day.

With our increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables such as spinach every day, will reduce the risk of developing diabetes

By consuming each day, increased consumption of fruit three times a day associated with a reduced risk of diabetes type two reached 18 percent. If you multiply the consumption of green vegetables, it will reduce the risk of diabetes by 9 percent. That is the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Besides vegetables and fruits that regular exercise is necessary for healthy body we can avoid the disease. And do not forget to consult with your doctor so that diabetes can be overcome


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