Sunday, January 3, 2010

Importance of Diet for Diabetes Patients

We know that people with diabetes should always consider the diet. Regardless of what we eat should be balanced with what the body needs. People with diabetes usually have a trend of change in blood sugar levels that drastic. After we eat, blood sugar levels will be high and while not getting food intake, the blood sugar levels will be low. Therefore, we must consider eating schedule. Have regular eating schedule to keep blood sugar levels.

Schedule dinner with diabetes must control. Here are feeding is good for diabetics.

1. Schedule

for a term diabetes and eat a big meal break. Setting a schedule for people with diabetes usually are eating 6 times. 3 large meals 3 times a distraction. The time schedule is as follows;

a. Breakfast (07.00)

b. Snack I (10:00 hrs)

c. Lunch (13:00)

d. Snack II (16:00 hrs)

e. Dinner (19:00 hrs)

f. Snack III (21:00 hrs)

Once we know the exact schedule of eating, try eating on time, because if we are late for dinner, will be hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and fainting. If this happens the sugar water to drink immediately. and do not forget diet aja not enough to cope with diabetes.


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