Tuesday, September 1, 2009

History Of Diabetes Disease Millitus

Did you know what the intent of diabetes? In the year 200 BC said: Diabetes, means "flowing continue", and Mellitus means "sweet". Diabetes is called, because it always used to drink in large quantities (polydipsia), which then "flows" continue to form urine (urine); called Mellitus because this patient's urine contained sugar (sweet). Therefore called diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or diabetes caused by insulin deficiency, whereas the function of the hormone insulin has a major role for a very important to regulate blood glucose (= sugar) in your blood.

Since in the hormone insulin in 1921, mortality and miscarriage mothers who become pregnant diabetics diminish. Finally, in the year 1954 Franke and Fuchs tried OAD tablets (anti-diabetes drug) in humans, which eventually finding OAD is growing rapidly with a variety of types and indications of use. From the above information we should know about diabetes


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