Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar Control Matters

Checking your blood sugar level is a key part of your diabetes plan. It's a two-part process:

1. Blood sugar testing shows your blood sugar level at the exact time of the test. Ask your doctor when and how often you need to self-test.
2. The A1C test is done at your doctor's office. It shows your average blood sugar over the past two to three months.

Are You in Control

Testing your blood sugar tells you how well your treatment plan is working. By keeping your blood sugar close to normal levels, you can reduce the risk of eye disease, kidney and heart disease, and other diabetes complications.

Be sure to write down when your blood sugar is higher or lower than your healthy range; you can use the Blood Sugar Log (PDF Format). Share the record with your doctor.

Make sure that you know:

* Your target blood sugar levels
* When and how to test your blood sugar
* Your A1C goal and how often you need an A1C test
* How to handle very high and low blood sugar levels



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